The right convection oven will make a big difference and the food it produces will taste better, crispier and juicier. Overall, the quality of the food will improve significantly because convection ovens make use of fans that circulate hot air throughout the oven allowing the food to cook faster because the heat is spread evenly. This is very different than standard ovens which heat food through static heat whose results taste nowhere near as good as that of a convection oven. 

There are many different kinds of convection ovens available in today’s market and all the different choices can be overwhelming, but certain details will help you select the right oven to suit your restaurant’s needs. Whether your establishment needs a renovation or you’re simply looking for new equipment, the following information can help.

Gas vs Electric Oven

The first thing to decide is whether you want a gas convection oven or an electric one. Each option has its advantages and both require electricity to power them. A notable difference is that electric convection ovens have a smaller variance regarding the change of temperature. This means that the food you put inside will cook more evenly. On the other hand, the heat produced from a gas convection oven has more moisture making it a better option for baking purposes. 

The second thing to consider is whether you need a floor convection oven which is more common or a countertop convection oven which is usually smaller. This means that it will hold less food. Floor models come in full or half-size and this decision will depend on the size of your kitchen. Depending on your establishment, you can even consider getting both because a lot of commercial kitchens have the space for a floor convection oven as well as a countertop one. This is ideal on busy days where a backup oven would come in handy to help with the demand. 

It’s very important to know exactly what kind of food you will be cooking because this will lead you to the correct type of convection oven. For example, if you have a bakery you will require a gas-powered convection oven in the deeper model to help produce delicious pastries and baked goods. If you are operating a restaurant, a floor convection oven is best to help produce delicious foods and keep up with your orders. 

The kind of food you need to cook, the type of establishment you operate and the space that you have available will all help you choose the convection oven that’s best for you. Once you have this information, the experts at Central Restaurant Equipment can help with the rest. Located in Winnipeg, we can provide kitchen equipment and supplies to make sure your restaurant is a success!