When you have a restaurant, it is important to pay attention to small details. From anticipating your consumers’ needs to shopping ahead of time to ensure that you are ready for the next season — taking care of your customers is your number one priority. If you are in the restaurant industry, then you are aware of the various items and kitchen appliances that use water.

Dishwashers, ice makers, water coolers are some of the appliances that are in every commercial kitchen that use water and, in turn, are exposed to scale build-up, which can make it difficult for the appliance to function and maintain. De-contamination devices can be very expensive and time-consuming as they require the use of noxious chemicals as well as disassembling and reassembling your machines. Experienced restaurateurs agree that a water filtration system is a key component to having a well-run kitchen. 

How Can Your Restaurant Benefits From A Water Filtration System?

Water filtration systems are a great investment for your business in two ways: 

  • Reduces Bills 

When you have a water filtration system, the money you put into rectifying clogging or scale build-up will decrease significantly. Using a filtration system not only reduces maintenance costs, but also the break down of appliances. Unclogging an appliance, like an ice maker, or having to replace, it can set you back thousands of dollars and is something no restaurateur wants to go through.

  • Food And Water Will Be Better Quality

If you are closely monitoring the water that you serve your customers, then the water you use in the kitchen should also get the same attention. Filtering water from the tap only rectifies a small part of the problem. The most efficient and cost-effective solution to water safety in your restaurant is to filter the water before it reaches any part of your kitchen.

Not only do water filtration systems save you money, but they also block chemicals and mineral deposits from entering the waterline and equipment. This eliminates any water-based threats that may be lurking in your kitchen appliances. In addition, they also protect your ice and beverages from getting a chlorine flavour and any odour that may develop from poor water. It is recommended to have a central filtration system instead of using separate filters for each appliance. The maintenance costs attached to water filtration systems vary depending on which system you are using. Normally only having to change the filters one to two times per year. Monitor your filtration system to ensure that it is always working properly.

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